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Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.

Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber), with its headquarters in Hangzhou, China, ranks among the world's top 10 largest tyre manufacturers. With four subsidiaries, ZC Europe, ZC America, ZC Brazil and ZC Thailand, it aims to expand its global market step by step.

Value and Safe are key to ZC Rubber’s mission of meeting global customers’ demands in different markets. ZC Rubber manufactures a range of valuable tyres, including truck tyres, passenger car tyres, industrial tyres, off road tyres, agricultural tyres, bicycle tyres, motorcycle tyres and ATV tyres. In 2017, the capacity of Passenger & LT reached 32.51 million, Truck & Bus Radial 1721 million, Bias Truck & LT 3.17 million and Two Wheels 94.19 million.

ZC Rubber invests millions of US dollars every year on establishing various production and testing facilities in the United States, Germany and Japan, such as the first noise test laboratory in China, MTS Flat-Trac III CT Tire Test System, X-ray, balancing and uniformity inspection. Furthermore, ZC Rubber focuses on improving tread design, formulation and performance based on advanced technology. Its International Research and Development (R&D) team includes Japanese and Korean experts. ZC Rubber plans to produce more premium products for the market.

In its workshops, ZC Rubber operates the Smart Production System. This helps it save costs, reduce total labour and energy consumption and improve production efficiency. ZC Rubber also takes its responsibility for environmental protection very seriously, spending millions on environmental measures during the production process to protect the health of workers and achieve more sustainable products.

9 plants in China and Thailand produce tyre products to support sales in more than 120 countries globally. On its way to market expansion, ZC Rubber is not only expanding the retailer and wholesaler channels, but also the replacement and OE markets.


In 1995 it introduced WESTLAKE, a brand created for the international market. It is special designed based on the demand from the international market and provides a wider variety of products including PCR, TBR, OTR, agricultural tires and more. Westlake covers all product lines and brings customers a rich experience on the road. It devotes itself to focus on the customers’ demand and serve mostly the fleets and retailers by serving safe and valuable products.

Key customers include Schmitz-cargobull, DSV, Volvo and TIP Trailer in Europe, Vanguard in the United States and SAIC, SINO Truck, Geely and Changan Automobile in China.

Comprehensive service is also provided to target markets to meet customer requirements. ZC Rubber’s Auto Space project focuses on tyre and express services to provide customers with optimal service and to be a professional and high quality service brand in the automotive aftermarket.

Manufacturing bases

1 1
PCR & LTR Plant in Xiasha
1 2
TBR Plant in Xiasha
1 3
Rubber Products Plant in Yonggu
1 4
Bias Tyre Plant in Xinanjiang

Advanced production facility

2 1
Extruding Machine
2 2
Germany Fischer Cutting Machine
2 3
Germany Krupp Building Machine
2 4
Hydraulic Tyre Curing Machine Press

Strict quality inspection

3 1
ASTEC Tyre Uniformt Testing Machine
3 2
Y.MITS Tyre X-ray Inspection Machine
3 3
Y.MITS Tyre X-ray Inspection Machine
3 4
Manual lnspection

R&D Center

4 1
VMI Tread Waring Test
4 2
Noise Analysis Laboratory
4 3
Flat-Trac Test System
4 4
Bead Unseating Test