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ZC Rubber to Launch WESTLAKE Generational II Premium Truck Tyres


June 2020 - ZC Rubber will launch WESTLAKE generation II premium all-steel truck and light truck tyres WSA2LT, WAS2, WDA2LT, WDA2, WSM2 and WDM2, for the European market on July 1, 2020. It is designed for the European fleets who seek for both tyre performance and cost saving.

The WESTLAKE II is positioned as a Tier Two Tyre, with longer mileage, less fuel consumption, better wet grip and stable casing compared to the previous generation. It has made all-round progress in appearance, comfort and performance while delivering safety and value like its predecessor. 

Developed in Europe and manufactured in Thailand, the WESTLAKE II is engineered with innovative technology for both long haul and regional operations. It has been built with ZC Rubber's new theories to ensure long wear life and superior traction properties. Casing stability is also enhanced via a special belt wrap technology for a safe and comfortable drive.

Applying a new Spring Valve technology and featuring the 3D Siping Design, WESTLAKE II delivers a greater grip in the wet and even strong performance in the snow. The tyres are also certified by the renowned 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marking. 

Meanwhile, a new type of Carbon-Silica tread compound and special mixing technology is used to further lower its rolling resistance by at least an additional 5 percent, to give the WESTLAKE II excellent fuel efficiency.

The WESTLAKE II will be available in 18 sizes from 17.5”-22.5” to fit most long-haul and regional commercial trucks, uniquely suited for the steer and drive axle positions.