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Westlake Winter Tyre SW-608 Reformulated for Greater Performance


July 2020 - Westlake Winter tyre SW-608 is widely recognized and trusted by consumers in many countries and regions. To further improve its ice and snow performance, ZC Rubber has upgraded its tread compound this year by using a liquid rubber technology and launched the reformulated SW-608 in the sales season of 2020.

ZC Rubber R&D team partnered with Evonik China(formerly named as Degussa) to apply liquid butadiene to winter tyre tread compound to maintain its softness for a much longer time and to help save more costs for consumers who may be long-term users of winter tyres.

Using the new compound, the SW-608 has made great progress in all aspects of performance, especially on ice and snow. According to Test World’s report, the reformulated SW-608 is much better than the original SW6-08 in ice and snow performance, and very close to that of the Zuper Snow Z-507.

Safety and value are Westlake Tyre's primary commitment to consumers, and we have refined our core technologies over the years to keep this commitment. Westlake will bring more valuable tyre products to consumers through constant technological innovation and product iteration in the future.