Benefits and Features

All-round winter performance for vans and other commercial vehicles

Remarkable safety through excellent grip, handling and traction in snow, mud and on wet surfaces

Comfortable ride and precise handling with long tread life


  • Size Service Index Standard Rim Fuel Efficiency Wet Traction dB Noise
    6.50R16 E/10PR 108/107N 5.5F E B 72
    7.00R16 F/12PR 117/116N 5.5F E B 72
    155R12C D/8PR 88/86Q 4.5B E B 72
    155R13C C/6PR 85/83Q 4.5J E B 72
    165R13C D/8PR 94/93Q 4.5B E B 72
    175R13C D/8PR 97/95Q 5.0B E B 72
    185R14C D/8PR 102/100Q 5.5J E B 72
    175/70R14C C/6PR 95/93Q 5.0J E B 72
    195R15C D/8PR 106/104R 5.5J E B 72
    205/65R15C C/6PR 102/100T 6.0J E B 72
    195/70R15C D/8PR 104/102R 6.0J E B 72
    205/70R15C D/8PR 106/104R 6.0J E B 72
    215/70R15C D/8PR 109/107R 6.5J E B 72
    225/70R15C D/8PR 112/110R 6.5J E B 72
    195/60R16C C/6PR 99/97T 6.0J E B 72
    195/65R16C D/8PR 104/102T 6.0J E B 72
    205/65R16C D/8PR 107/105T 6.0J E B 72
    215/65R16C D/8PR 109/107R 6.5J E B 72
    225/65R16C D/8PR 112/110R 6.5J E B 72
    235/65R16C D/8PR 115/113R 7.0J E B 72
    185/75R16C D/8PR 104/102Q 5.0J E B 72
    195/75R16C D/8PR 107/105R 5.5J E B 72
    205/75R16C D/8PR 110/108Q 5.5J E B 72
    215/75R16C D/8PR 113/111Q 6.0J E B 72
    225/75R16C E/10PR 118/116Q 6.0J E B 72

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