Benefits and Features

Wide base with high saturation for maximum mileage efficiency

Optimised bead construction for improved durability

Scuff resistance ribs protect sidewall from curbing and cutting


  • Size LR/PR Service Index Fuel Efficiency Wet Traction dB Noise
    415/45R22.5 L/20 156K D C 73 2
    385/65R22.5 J/18 158L(160K) C C 73 2
    385/65R22.5 L/20 160K(158L) C C 73 2
    425/65R22.5 L/20 165K C C 73 2
    445/65R22.5 L/20 169K C C 73 2
    12R22.5 J/18 152/149L D C 73 2
    295/80R22.5 H/16 150/147M C C 73 2
    295/80R22.5 J/18 152/149L C C 73 2
    315/80R22.5 J/18 154/151M(156/150L) C C 73 2

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