Benefits and Features

Four ribs ensure even wear and a comfortable ride

Siped zig-zag rib help to improve traction on wet and muddy surfaces

Deep circumferential grooves improve efficient water evacuation, lateral stability and long tyre life


  • Size Service Index Fuel Efficiency Wet Traction Noise Noise(Db)
    205/75R17.5 124/122M E D 2 74
    215/75R17.5 126/124M E D 2 74
    225/75R17.5 129/127M E D 2 74
    235/75R17.5 130/128M E D 2 74
    245/70R19.5 136/134M E C 2 74
    265/70R19.5 140/138M E C 2 74
    286/70R19.5 146/144M E C 2 74

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