Benefits and Features

Wide and deep tread improves cost per mileage, driving stability and traction when used on motorways

Open shoulder blocks improve traction on dry and wet road surfaces

High blade density of tread design helps to provide even wear

Suitable for single-axle vehicles


  • Size LR/PR Service Index Fuel Efficiency Wet Traction dB Noise
    11R22.5 G/14 144/142L E C 76 3
    11R22.5 H/16 148/145L E C 76 3
    12R22.5 J/18 152/149L E C 76 3
    315/70R22.5 L/20 154/150L E C 76 3
    315/80R22.5 J/18 154/151M(156/150L) E C 76 3
    315/80R22.5 L/20 157/154K E C 76 3

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