Benefits and Features

Improved close shoulder helps to improve even wear, resulting in a long tread life

Straight, simple rib pattern improves even wear and efficient water evacuation for excellent wet traction and handling

Cross rib sipes slice through water for solid control on wet roads


  • Size LR/PR Service Index Fuel Efficency Wet Traction dB Noise
    245/70R17.5 H/16 136/134M D C 71 2
    245/70R17.5 J/18 143/141J D C 71 2
    205/75R17.5 G/14 124/122M D B 71 2
    215/75R17.5 H/16 135/133J E B 71 2
    225/75R17.5 G/14 129/127M E B 71 2
    235/75R17.5 G/14 132/130M D B 71 2
    235/75R17.5 H/16 143/141J D C 71 2
    8R19.5 F/12 124/122L E C 71 2
    225/70R19.5 F/12 125/123M D C 71 2
    245/70R19.5 G/14 133/131M D C 71 2
    245/70R19.5 H/16 136/134M D C 71 2
    285/70R19.5 H/16 146/144K D C 71 2
    11R22.5 G/14 144/142L E C 71 2
    11R22.5 H/16 148/145M E C 71 2
    12R22.5 J/18 152/149L E C 71 2
    315/70R22.5 L/20 154/150L D C 71 2
    315/80R22.5 J/18 154/151M(156/150L) E C 71 2
    315/80R22.5 L/20 157/154K E C 71 2

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